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Dee Lee Doo is a unique blend of inner curiosity and desire, aesthetically refined and above all natural.

When designing a sex toy, materials are an essential ingredient. Wood, along with all of its unique qualities is an obvious choice. With proper woodwork and a delicate finish, it turns into an all natural sex toy, which will last you a lifetime.

We aspire not only to design elegant, all natural sex toys but also to make them into distinct, artistic and personable bedroom accessories. We want to destigmatize and turn them into objects, which can be displayed as well as enjoyed. Sensual, erotic and natural.


Woodwork design is a delicate craft. Production can be quite demanding and requires a lot of focus. Our designs are plotted with precision, formed by hand and require multiple stages of careful sanding. Each piece and all of its details are finished by hand in our workshop.

Wood selection

Dee Lee Doo wooden toys are made of all-natural plantation wood. We carefully selected a variety of three local and three exotic wood types for you to chose from. Pick the one that suits you best.

Wood finish

As soon as we've reached the desired shape, each Dee Lee Doo dildo is finished with multiple layers of environmentally-friendly, water thinned transparent varnish, free of solvents and wood preservatives, with a consistent selection of ecologically friendly raw materials. The process emphasises the wood color and structure but also forms a very thin layer, which protects the wood from damage, makes it waterproof and ensures long lasting quality of the dildo.


Each Dee Lee Doo sculpture embodies solid organic curves and thought-out ergonomic qualities. During the design process, we let our intuition guide us. You should certainly do the same when choosing one. Dimensions are guide only, size of each piece may vary slightly.


The dildos is packaged in a locally sown satchel made of soft felt wool. The finished product is also be protected with a carton tube and sent to your address, without revealing the contents of the package.

Your safety

We designed Dee Lee Doo dildos to be completely hygienic, non-allergenic and DIN certified safe to use. The surface finish is solid, smooth, water-safe and allows for easy and effective cleaning. The quality of the coating and the wood itself are of the highest standard and crafted with utmost precision, hence will not splinter or cause damage to skin if used without applying excessive force. After use, simply rinse the dildo with water and dry it off. With good care and proper maintenance wood can last forever.

Despite full confidence in the safety of our designs, please use the dildos responsibly and at your own risk.


Payments in our web store can be made via PayPal or bank deposit. For other possibilities contact us through


Dimensions: 9,45in x 1.18in - 1.19in / 24cm x 3cm - 3,5cm
The first Dee Lee Doo design, which provoked the entire collection. Very simple, elegant, and the longest of them all.


Dimensions: 9,05in x 0.4in - 1.57in / 23cm x 1,5cm - 4cm
The most dynamic design in our collection, very pleasant to use. This one is very easy to handle due to its shape and extended tail, which makes it a great gift for women as well as men.


Dimensions: 8.27in x 0.78in - 1.57in / 21cm x 2cm - 4cm
The most realistic of our designs, particularly in terms of use and feel. It is narrow in the middle for a better grip.


Dimensions: 9.05in x 0.78in - 1.57in / 23cm x 2cm - 4cm
This design is most in line with nature. It is smooth but a little unpredictable.


Dimensions: 5.5in x 1.2in / 14.5cm x 3cm
A mini version of a Dee Lee Doo dildo.


Dee Lee Doo wooden dildos are created by Iris Kaszas,
Wood designer from Slovenia, who wants to spread the joy with wooden dildos.





Wooden dildos are made in Switzerland.

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